The mission of XertifiX is to combat child and bonded labour and to promote school and professional education as a measure of both rehabilitation for former child labourers and prevention of future child labour. Furthermore, our mission is to raise awareness among the German public for socially acceptable conditions of production of natural stone products and services.

We pursue these objectives through

  • a certificate for natural stones guaranteeing minimum social standards, particularly the disuse of child and bonded labour, throughout the way from quarry to harbour

  • awarding of the label “XertifiX” which guarantees social acceptability throughout the way from quarry over manufacturing industry to harbour of a product or service
  • establishment and maintenance of effective mechanisms of monitoring

  • cooperation with corresponding organizations and funding agencies

  • cooperation with initiatives and organizations that specialize in social labels and certification. One of the long-term objectives of this cooperation is the standardization and merging of existing labels and certificates.

  • education, lobbying and public relations

XertifiX is a non-profit organisation.

If you are interested in the complete articles of the association please read the German version of this page.