Who we are

The registered society XertifiX was founded in 2005 and was registered in the official registry of clubs and societies of Freiburg the following year. Current members of the executive board are:


Ingrid Sehrbrock


Ulrich Meinecke

Deputy Chairman

Wilfried Eichhorn


Industrial trade union Building-Woods-Internationale

Dr. Walter Schmidt


Ethicist and theologian

Patron: Dr. Norbert Blüm, former Federal Minister for Employment

Members of the first hour are Jörg Bollin and Burkhard Krupp (representatives of the artist group SIGNUM) as idea giver, Benjamin Pütter (Initiator and Co-Founder), Willi Wölting from Essen, Thilo Hoppe, and Klaus-Maria Brandauer, Otto Tausig (†) and Erwin Steinauer from Vienna.