In Fortsetzung des Berichtes über die Ermordung zweier Polizei-Offiziere bei Kontrollen illegaler Steinbrüche informiert unser Inspektor weiter:

Last months from January to March it was very challenging for the inspections of XertifiX, because many questions were raised about illegal mining, also in the Indian Parliament after the incidents of the police officer murder. This development made some quarry owners suspicious of any kind of control.

Besides these adverse circumstances the priority work of inspections was uninterruptedly and successfully done. More needy children were identified, withdrawn from child labour and were supported with dress and were admitted in the Govt. Primary Schools of Boondi, Parana, Budhpura (Rajasthan) and Shivpuri (Madhya Pradesh).

Other 68 children of Migrant Labours who are deprived from the Right to Education are planned to avail them their Right to Education (RTE) within the forth coming three months. In spite of limited resources of XertifiX we were successful to have a close touch amongst nearly 1000 of children of mining workers.

Mining workers and their families were told about the social evils like child labour, bonded labour, child and human trafficking etc. and the benefits of Self Help Groups, Womens Rights, Right to Education, so that they may unite and come forward to get benefited and compel the owners to fulfill their Corporate Social Responsibility. Moreover, exporters, mining workers, administrative officials and government bodies were made aware about the working of XertifiX.