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Report: Working conditions in Indian quarries

Mann am Bohrer2Die Thomson Reuters Foundation reports on the working conditions in Indian quarries and the negative health consequences for the workers.

According to this, Thomson Reuters also confirms the massive health burden for the workers, caused by the unprotected work in the fine dust: about half of the total 2 million workers would suffer from silicosis or other lung diseases. Not a few lead to death. Since the disease was often diagnosed incorrectly as tuberculosis, the affected persons also received no state compensation. XertifiX has been pointing out this fact for years and is working with its standard and controls to protect the workers.

In addition, Thomson Reuters notes the widespread child labor in the sector. This applies not only to the production of stone tiles, but also to stone quarry work: “In Budhpura village, children as young as six or seven years work in the industry, starting with chiselling cobblestones. Boys start working in the quarries from age 12 or 13, while girls may continue making cobblestones and tiles.”

Please refer: In India’s quarries, workers die to make pretty garden tiles

Pdf: In India’s quarries, workers die to make pretty garden tiles

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Reform of public procurement law

On April 18, 2016 Reform of public procurement law entered into force (law and Directive). For contracts above the so-called EU threshold, the award was simplified and modernized. This applies in particular to the consideration of social aspects: “The possibilities for contracting authorities to set strategic objectives – eg environmental, social or innovative aspects – in the framework of procurement procedures are strengthened.”

This means that the Federal Government is implementing three EU directives for the award of 2014, including the Public Procurement Directive (Directive 2014/24/EU).

Please refer: Gesetz zur Modernisierung des Vergaberechts
Please refer: Verordnung zur Modernisierung des Vergaberechts
Please refer: Reform des Vergaberechts

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Illegal quarries steal billions

Südindien: 84 Steinbrüche des illegalen Abbaus überführt

A few years ago, illegal natural stone mining in South India was uncovered ( we reported ). The convened commission of inquiry (“The Sagayam Committee”) has now submitted a final report. Accordingly, the amount being misappropriated is estimated to be around Rs 65,154.60 crore. Converted into euros, these are almost inconceivable around 9 billion euros (1 crore rupee = 10,000,000 rupees) at the current exchange rate. The report includes 624 pages with 31 volumes Appendix.

Please refer: The New Indian Express

See also: Wikipedia

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CDA calls for international labor policy

The Christdemocrats Workers’ wing decides new policy program on 08.11.15 in Berlin

CDA-Bundestagung: I. Sehrbrock und K. Töpfer

CDA-Federal Meeting: I. Sehrbrock und K. Töpfer

Among other things, it states: The commitment to decent working conditions worldwide must be at the center of politics. Of course, this includes the freedom to trade union work and activity. Likewise, the ILO must be upgraded and equipped with sanctioning mechanisms. International companies have a responsibility to comply with social and environmental standards throughout the supply chain. Transparency of working conditions in supply chains is an important contribution to this.

Please refer: “Der Mensch ist wichtiger als die Sache”, Berlin 2015

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G7 ministers implement Elmau resolutions

Promote good work worldwide
At a two-day conference, G7 Labor and Development Ministers agreed to implement the G7 decisions of Elmau to promote sustainable global supply chains. The first steps are being taken with the statement “ Action for Fair Production , including:

G7 Elmau Logo

  • Support companies in controlling supply chains in terms of labor, social and environmental standards
  • Support manufacturers in enforcing standards
  • Create more transparency for consumers to promote sustainable consumption

[Please refer: Presse release (German)…]

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Unfairly produced natural stones cost lives!

image024Too many workers in quarries and natural stone factories worldwide still have to make a living under catastrophic conditions. Their health is massively endangered by dangerous jobs and non-existent protective equipment. Even the most basic protective measures are missing. Many work seven days a week without a break and do not even receive the statutory minimum wage. Especially in natural stone production facilities in India, China and Vietnam, poor working conditions often lead to incurable, fatal lung disease (silicosis). Many do not even reach the age of 50. On the occasion of the World Day for Decent Work, XertifiX e.V. is calling for sustainable improvements in working conditions in Asian companies. [weiter… (German)]

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India: Journalist kidnapped and burned alive

Flagge Madhya PradeshIn Madhya Pradesh state, a dead journalist was found on the edge of train tracks: Sandip Kothari was kidnapped and burned alive. According to media reports, the journalist had previously denounced the illegal and mafia mining of manganese in Madhya Pradesh.

This is another spectacular murder in the quarry and mining area in Madhya Pradesh. Three years ago, two government officials were murdered in a short time. Even then, the mafia had been suspected to be behind the murders. The problem of illegal raw material extraction in Madhya Pradesh is always a major challenge for the work of XertifiX.

Please refer: MP journalist burnt to death by mining mafia, 3 arrested
Please refer to another case in 2012: Journalist, family murdered; hand of mining mafia suspected

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Administration must recognize child labor certificates

KA-242The Bauen-Agrar-Umwelt industrial union (IG BAU) calls on politicians to take decisive action against the exploitation of children. On the occasion of World Day Against Child Labor (June 12), Deputy IG BAU Federal President Dietmar Schäfers said: “Half-hearted regulations do nothing for children who are exploited worldwide. This shows the judgment from Baden-Württemberg on gravestones made by children again clearly. Protection regulations on paper are not enough, the administration must also be able to implement the regulations. What we need are not just symbolic worldwide commemoration days, but determined politicians who dry out this unsustainable exploitative swamp with determined politics. But consumers also have to change their behavior and make their purchase decision dependent on fair criteria! ” [weiter… (German)]

Please refer: IG BAU: Verwaltung muss Zertifikate gegen Kinderarbeit anerkennen

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International day against child labor

Youth One World exhorts trade to increase the supply of fair natural stones


In their current press release, Jugend Eine Welt reminds that child labor can be found in many natural stones such as paving stones, kitchen or floor slabs. Above all, they address retail in Austria, which has so far hardly taken care of controls in Indian or Chinese supply chains.

We can confirm this from our point of view: In Austria, XertifiX, for example, only works with the wholesaler Stein & Co from Ennsdorf – but this has been the case for many years. We hope that more importers in Austria will follow this example.

Please refer: Achtung: In vielen importierten Natursteinen steckt Kinderarbeit (German)

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