Sandstone Multicolor

Origin: India, Province Rajasthan

The XertifiX PLUS criteria are fulfilled in the quarry and the factory.

The PLUS-Label is issued if 2/3 of all criteria and all must-criteria are fulfilled.
The mandatory criteria are:

  1. No Child Labour (ILO conventions 138 and 182)
  2. No Bonded Labour (ILO conventions 29 and 105)
  3. Labour Union Access and Collective Bargaining (ILO conventions 87 and 98)
  4. No Discrimination (ILO conventions 100 and 111)
  5. Fair Working Hours (ILO conventions 1 and 14)
  6. Payment of minimum wage according to the local law
  7. Provision and usage of Personal Protective Equipment (e.g. masks, eye protection, helmets, ear protection and boots)
  8. Measures of pollution control / Waste-Management
  9. Production and processing units/business are legal
  10. Traceability of the chain of production from the importer to the quarry