Definition Kinderarbeit

The term “child labour” is used in various ways. Therefore a clear definition is necessary.

A “child labourer” is a child which works regularly various hours a day. A strong distinction must be drawn to the term “exploitative child labour” which captures

• all forms of forced labour, bonded labour, peonage and slavery
• abuse of children, e.g. prostitution, pornography, drug-trafficking, child soldiers
• all other forms of labour that threaten the health, safety or moral well-being of children . This includes also the heavy work in natural stone quarries.•

Funding agencies and also XertifiX usually follow a simpler definition of child labour:

“A person who is below 14 and not able to attend school since he or she has to work.”

This is regarded as worst form of child labour, if it is harmful to health or exploitation (therefore funding agencies run welfare programmes).

Legal base and explanations are:

UN Convention on the rights of children
ILO Convention 182
ILO Recommendation 190
ILO Convention 138