Indon ki Dhani School Centre

bhikarkor-school-1-cutWith the financial support of the association Yamuna e.V., our Indian partner organization GRAVIS is currently leading the school center “Indon ki Dhani”. The school is visited by about 60 children. The education is holistic and includes, in addition to regular teaching, extracurricular activities and education on environmental, hygiene and nutritional questions.

The measures are coordinated by a GRAVIS educator and supported by an external team. Through the project the teacher can be paid for, teaching materials can be purchased and activities (such as workshops or health checks) financed. Through the project, these children receive the opportunity to attend the school, which would otherwise not be possible for them.

Donor: Yamuna e.V.

bhikamkor-school-2 Project Execution
Gramin Vikas Vigyan Samiti (GRAVIS) was founded in 1983 by a group of Gandhi activists. Since 1994 the organization of the strengthening of the communities in the quarry settlements with a focus on (school) education of the children. For this purpose schools were built, as well as medical measures taken and health education offered.

The Thar Desert is a region in Rajasthan that is underdeveloped and whose inhabitants are affected by great poverty. The area is affected by drought due to too rare and unpredictable rainfall. The average rainfall is between 500mm in the east and up to 100mm in the west. Agricultural production is extremely uncertain in this area due to the conditions mentioned. In an average of four of ten years, there are drought periods. However, the area is rich in minerals. It is estimated that some 2.2 million workers in all of Rajasthan work in quarries, including 400,000 in the area of the Thar Desert.

bhikarkor-school-3The XertifiX partner organization GRAVIS has produced a study according to which approximately 12% of the employees in these quarries are children. The largest number of employees is between 15 and 40 years old and only 10% are over 40 years. The conditions are pathetic: there is no clean drinking water, no first aid, no medical care or hospitals, no safety measures in the quarries and often malnutrition. However, the greatest danger is from silicosis, which is triggered by the unprotected inhalation of fine dust, which is incurable and fatal.