What you can do against child labor in quarries

What can you do as a private consumer?

  • Ask traders for natural stones without child labour and buy only these ones. XertifiX is an independent label for natural stones from India, China and Vietnam, that has been produced without child labour and slavery, and under improved working conditions.

    But mind: Faked labels claiming to be from UNESCO an UNICEF exist. They confirm that the sold natural stones are produced without child labour by guarantee. On enquiry UNICEF and UNESCO assured they neither issued this kind of certificates nor will do this in future.

  • Further on you can get in touch with your city council or your municipal administration and ask for a council enactment in which is stated that the city or commune will no longer purchase products with exploitative child labour. For more information please check www.aktiv-gegen-kinderarbeit.de. All German cities and municipalitie which already have this kind of declaration are listed there.
  • Write letters to retailers and ask about their position regarding child labour. This shows companies the interest of consumers on compliance of human rights instead of only cheap offers. XertifiX can give you best practice examples, where this had lead to an adjustment in the product range. This concerns the trading of sandstone, granite or lime stone, used e.g. for kitchen workplates, wall coverings, cobbles or garden equipment.