Standard Revision

From September 2017 onwards the second revision of the XertifiX standard is taking place.

Everyone can participate in the revision process: If you are interested, please send a short e-mail with the subject “Participation in the revision process” to info [at] You will then receive the draft of the revised standard and can submit amendments to this by December 2017.

15 Sept. 2017

First draft of the revised standard

29 Sept. 2017

First round of feedback:
Distribution of the draft to the stakeholders with the request for feedback
Stakeholders: Members, Trade Unions, Auditors, Politicians, Importers, Exporters, Producers, Experts / Advisors, Civil Society and NGOs, Consumers.

Jan. 2017

Sighting and synopsis of feedback received

Jan. 2017

If necessary, a second round of feedback

March 2018

Decision on the new revised standard by the decision-making body

Other interested stakeholders, who want to be member of the decision-making committee, may submit a reasoned application, which the XertifiX Board will decide. The reasoned application must be submitted by e-mail to info [at] with the subject “Participation in the decision-making body”.

The next revision (3) of the XertifiX standard takes place in 2022.

February/March 2018

Decision of the final standard by the XertifiX Board

The following Revision (3) of the XertifiX Standard takes place: 2022