Standard setting process

Standard-Setting-Workplan in 2017

Standard-Setting-Workplan in 2018

2014 Introduction of the XertifiX PLUS Label
2011 Revision 1 of the standard

27th April 2012 Final Decision about the standard by the XertifiX Board
In the meeting from 27th April 2012, the XertifiX board was represented by a union (IG BAU), a union representative (deputy director of the DGB), a member of the German Parliament, a member of a catholic funding agency, and the XertifiX CEO. The new standard was passed by a unanimous decision of the XertifiX Board.
Summary of the feedback from all stakeholders
29.11.2011-28.02.2012 Feedback from importers and exporters
October 2011 Request of feedback about the revision of the XertifiX Standard from selected importers
02nd September 2011 Discussion about the revision at the XertifiX Member’s meeting
25th August 2011 Second Draft
23rd August 2011 Feedback from the XertifiX auditors
25th July 2011 First Draft of the XertifiX Standard

2006 Setting of the XertifiX Standard
– No Child Labour
– Payment of Minimum Wages
Additionally expected
– Fulfilment of all ILO Core Labour Conventions
– Improvement of the Working Conditions