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About us

XertifiX stands for...
  • fairly produced natural stones from Asia 
  • better working conditions in factories and quarries
  • independent and unannounced controls in Asian production sites
  • The commitment to disadvantaged working families and their children
  • The support of affected child laborers

Our goal

Fair and humanely produced natural stones from Asia!

what we offer

Unique approach

In the factories (quarries and processing units), we first determine the status quo. Then the producers have the chance to improve gradually.

The label is available in two categories: XertifiX Standard and XertifiX PLUS.

Our team

Ingrid Sehrbrock

Former deputy chairwoman of the DGB

Ulrich Meinecke

Head of iMOVE training Made in Germany.

Wilfried Eichhorn

Industrial trade union Building-Woods-Internationale

Peter Weiß

MdB; Vors. der AG Arbeit und Soziales

Dr. Walter Schmidt

Ethicist and theologian

Dietmar Hexel

Organizational developer and German trade unionist

Thomas Steins

Founder, Partner & Managing Director of CAIDAO Holding

Fair work for adults + Good schools for children = Future opportunities for children

Ingrid Sehrbrock, Chairwoman

Fair and humanely produced natural stones from Asia are possible!

Walter Schmidt, CEO

Prohibition of child labor without help for children is cynical!

Benjamin Pütter, Co-Founder

Our retailers

How to combat child labor and slave labor? Prohibitions alone do not help. You have to take a much broader approach. Those who pay unfair wages, who ignore safety and health, who allow insecure working conditions, risk the sickness and the shortage of their employees, and promote the cycle of poverty, poor schooling and deficient professional perspectives.

In addition, child labor does not only harm the children themselves because they can not attend or complete school. If the supply of labor increases with children, the pressure on the wages of adults grows. They are more easily blackmailed with bottom wages.

Advisory Board

Heribert Scharrenbroich

Secretary of State (retd.)      

Thilo Hoppe

Bread for the World / Member of the Bundestag (retd.)

Prof. Dr. Gregor Lang-Wojtasik

Professorship for Educational Science

Wolfgang Pantförder

Mayor (retd.)

Heidemarie Wieczorek-Zeul

Federal Minister (retd.)      

Klaus Wiesehügel

National Chairman of IG BAU (retd.)


The federal government about XertifiX:
“Good choice! This seal fulfills our requirements in the areas of credibility and social responsibility ” (www.siegelklarheit.de)

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