Since the foundation of the association XertifiX three years ago, certificates are occurring again and again, which are written by Indian companies on inquiry of German trade partners. Such written confirmations of the Indian companies themselves can not be considered to be authentic. Yet the definition of “certificate” says that a certification can not be conducted by oneself, but by professional independent organisations. Only the State or international independent organisations can constitute such an authority. Concerning independent institutions for example a UNESCO-certificate occurred which was revealed as imitation by the responsible people of the real UNESCO. According to the general known UNESCO, this organisation has nothing to do with fair-trade, least of all with Indian stones. Also the organisation UNICEF affirmed that they never released such a certificate.
In terms of so-called governmental certificates it can be reported that the deputy Secretary of Labour, India, who is also chairman of the state commission for the eradication of child labour, asserted in front of the camera of a German film team that such documents are not authored by governmental institutions.
Accordingly, we therefore ask for any information about doubtful certificates. Please contact us.