The Indo-German Export Promotion (IGEP) Earthlink is threatened with a lawsuit, as can be read on the website of the “Active against child labor” campaign. The background was a study on natural stone seals commissioned by the city of Hanover. As a result of the study, Earthlink presented the information they received from the respective seal initiatives. IGEP has not agreed to the presentation and is now apparently threatening to file a lawsuit.

Earthlink about it: “If the IGEP Foundation is actually dealing with a legal dispute with a small non-governmental organization like Earthlink eV, it has robbed it of its credibility solely by threatening to atart a legal dispute. The stubborn refusal, at least, to provide us with the relevant documents on the alleged standardization at least now sending it out to us or making it available on the Internet (in connection with an inflationary flood of threatening emails and registered mail in the past few days) raises the question for me whether the exaggerated outrage about our comparative presentation should only mask the fact that there are no serious basic labor law standards.”

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