On the occasion of the Day against Child Labour on June 12, the German section of the ILO warns of an increase in child labour due to climate change. “Climate change will become a driver for child labour due to poverty if the global community does not take countermeasures,” concluded Dr. Annette Niederfranke, ILO Director Germany.

In recent years, extreme weather events such as heat waves, droughts, cyclones and floods have hit people in sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia very hard – and have thereby increased child labour in particular.

The last survey on global child labor figures dates from 2021 and found 160 million child laborers, of which around 79 million were engaged in the worst forms of child labor. The child labour figures are updated every four years. It is assumed that the global community’s goal of eliminating child labor by 2025 will certainly be missed. Worse still, there are fears that child labour has even increased again.

For this reason, despite the numerous current crises, we must not lose sight of the goal of combating child labor. XertifiX Social Projects supports social projects in India to prevent child labor and to provide education in schools and bridge schools.

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