It is a granite stone processed in an elaborate process. This stone is unique. On the motif, two young Indian boys / child labour in quarry can be seen.

The artist Gerda Waha:
“Stones block the path. At first sight, we are forced to stop us indiscriminately. On closer inspection one can see the faces of exhausted children, they tell the story of a lost childhood.
Street children and working children, may have suggested more than the first glance with the gray street paving stones. Just like these, you pave the way for other people. Too often they get themselves under the wheels. Stones help, because stumbling over stones, lets us stop, look closer – so the pavements are removed from their anonymity.”

Transparency Price: 19,99 €
from that:
3,19 € VAT
5,30 € material costs
1,50 € administrative costs
5,00 € for the Artist Gerda Waha
5,00 € for our Indian social projects

plus shipping and handling