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Origin of Natural Stones

In India, quarries for exported natural stones are concentrated mainly in two regions:

  • North India: States Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, and Uttar Pradesh
  • South India: States Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, and Tamil Nadu

There are about 100 provenances where natural stones for the export are mined. This are small areas (e.g. a hill) where the same type of natural stones can be found. The mining can be done by different lessees or owners. One provenance can be subdivided in about up to 12 mining sections.

In China, quarries for exported natural stones are concentrated mainly in two regions, too:

  • South China, mainly the state Fujian;
    Granite from Fujian is classified with G600er numbers (e.g. G602)
  • North China, mainly the state Shandong;
    Granite from Shandong is classified with G300er numbers (e.g. G341)

Uses of Natural Stones

Granites are of great economic importance in the construction sector because they are highly resistant, very hard and weatherproof and easy to grind and polish. They are used:

  • for gravestones on cemeteries
  • in road construction as paving stones, kerbs, gravel (mainly from China)
  • in railway construction as gravel
  • in building construction as outer wall covering, floor covering
  • in interior conversion as wall covering, staircase covering, interior lining, for table tops and kitchen work tops
  • in landscape gardening as paving stones, for fountains

Marble can be used for a large variety of purposes. It is often used:

  • for floor covering
  • for wall covering
  • for staircases etc.
  • increasingly also for gravestones

Sandstone has had very varied uses since ancient times:

  • in building construction
  • for stonemasonry
  • or decoration

The less resistant clayey sandstones are often used for sculpting. The more resistant quartziferous varieties are particularly suitable for:

  • building material
  • floor covering
  • staircases
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