XertifiX expands control criteria and strengthens sealing requirements

After long preparation and numerous consultations, the XertifiX criteria, which form the basis of our inspections, were extended at the board meeting on 27.04.2012. On our website you will find the list of XertifiX criteria .

The main focus of XertifiX remains the effective and successful fight against child labor through unannounced controls, education and support for schools.

However, we see the potential that the working conditions we control for the adult workers, as well as the environmental conditions, can be gradually improved in the companies we control. We start with the status quo of each quarry and each factory and develop from this starting point the respective intermediate targets to be fulfilled. The XertifiX criteria are hereby the target catalogue, which is worked on in each quarry and each factory.

Decisive is the willingness and implementation of a gradual improvement. Each year, in addition to the unannounced controls, the announced audit takes place, in which the inspector together with the person responsible for the production site jointly determines the progress to be achieved within one year. This target agreement is then binding and must be implemented within one year.

We are confident that in this way we will be taking another important step towards improving the production conditions of Indian natural stones.