The complete statutes can be found here as a pdf file.

Excerpt from the statutes:

  • § 2 purpose of the association is the
      1. Combating child and slave labor
      2. Promoting education and training as a rehabilitation and prevention measure to avoid child and slave labor
      3. Sensitization of the German public for socially compatible products made of natural stone and services.

    The purpose of the statutes is realized in particular by

    1. the awarding of a qualified certificate for natural stones, which certifies the observance of minimum social standards, in particular the disuse of child labor and slave labor, for the extraction and further processing in the country of origin
    2. the award of the “XertifiX” seal, which certifies the social acceptability of extraction and processing in the country of origin of a product or service
    3. building and maintaining effective control mechanisms
    4. cooperation with appropriate organizations and relief organizations
    5. working with initiatives and organizations specializing in social seals and certification. The aim of this cooperation is u.a. the merger (unification) of existing seals and certificates
    6. Education, lobbying and public relations.
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