Even small donations can make a big difference!

We are therefore happy about any donation to our social projects!

Please note: Sending the donation form does not directly debit the donation from your account. This is only carried out with a delay by the XertifiX office (the office is usually not manned between the years).

    You can achieve a lot with your money!

    For example, support the operation of a school in India:



    Slate class board

    8 €

    1 class = 30 children 4 exercise books per year

    36 €

    Salary of a teacher per month

    168 €

    Salary of a teacher per year

    2.000 €

    Complete school operation for 1 year
    (60 children / 2 teachers / work with parents)

    5.000 €

    YES! I donate to the non-profit association:

    XertifiX Sozialprojekte e.V.

    Otto-Brenner-Str. 1, 30159 Hannover, Deutschland; tax number 25/207/32576
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