Elimination of child labor in the glass industry

With the financial support of Ev. Parish of Hiltrup and Amelsbüren, our Indian partner organization Vikas Sansthan carries out the project “Elimination of child labor in the glass industry”.

Goal of the project

To eliminate child labor in the Habeeb Ganj slum of the city of Firozabad through justice and rights.

Specific objective 1: Relief of child laborers <14 years and education for former child laborers


  • Open community meetings on the dangers, negative effects and effects of child labor
  • Liberation of child laborers <14 years of hazardous work in the glass and bangle industry
  • Providing bridging for the liberated child laborers
  • Games, sports and cultural events to unlock the potential of children
  • Advice on psychosocial issues of liberated children
  • Involving children in formal schools to ensure the sustainability of their education

Specific objective 2: Eliminate the poverty of mothers


  • Formation of self-help groups of mothers of child laborers
  • Training of self-help group members on the operation, administration, retention of records and government systems
  • Management meeting of the self-help groups for strengthening and sustainability
  • Institutional links between members of self-help groups on the availability of credit
  • Promotion of alternative livelihoods among members of the self-help group

Specific objective 3: Placement of young people> 14 years (siblings of child laborers) in vocational training centers


  • Identification and listing of potential adolescents (siblings of child laborers)
  • Providing the identified and listed young people to the vocational training centers for the development of skills
  • Follow-up of the youth associated with the vocational training centers
  • Support for the trained young people in job placement and / or self-employment

Specific objective 4: Ensuring the effective management and control of the project


  • Selection and orientation of the project staff for a better understanding and implementation with a results-oriented approach
  • Development of reporting mechanisms for a smooth flow of project information and documentation / reports
  • Training Bridge Education Centers teachers in teaching methodology and learning pleasure
  • Training the project staff on the child labor perspectives, legislation and their impact
  • Training the project team on self-help group management, record keeping and sustainability
  • Meeting meetings of project staff for better project management
  • Donor compliance reporting: Programmatic & Financial including verified statement



The project is being implemented in the Habeeb Ganj child labor zone in the Firozabad district, which is densely populated and dominated by a minority community whose children are working from generation to generation in the glass and bangle industry and whose rights have been withdrawn. Habeebganj is a slum area that forms the geographic boundary of the Firozabad district, which is considered the largest glass and bangle industry and a center for child labor worldwide. There are 2,250 inhabitants in this slum, of which 1300 are men, while the female population is 950. Child labor between the ages of 6 and 14 accounts for 6.6% of the total population.



Vikas Sansthan is an NGO dedicated to helping disadvantaged children, child laborers and the poorest people who have been denied human rights and justice. The focus is mainly on child laborers and their parents in the districts of Firozabad and Agra.

Vikas Sansthan works tirelessly to eliminate child labor found in the glass, bangle, and carpet industries in 41 villages in the Agra and Firozabad districts and in the slums of the city of Firozabad. Vikas Sansthan is committed to the liberation, rescue, reintegration and rehabilitation of child laborers.