In XertifiX natural stones are certified by the label XertifiX
and not production sites such as quarries or stone processing factories.
When the production sites of a supply chain of natural stones (quarries and processing factories) meet all the requirements, the natural stones of this supply chain are to be certified with the standard XertifiX label or the XertifiX PLUS label.

From this point, the audits are still held twice a year.
Validity of certification: Once it is determined during an audit that the requirements are not met in the quarry or at the processing factory, no new natural stones of this supply chain can be certified (after a warning). In other words: The certification of the stones of a chain of production has a validity of one year.

All XertifiX labels are produced by XertifiX e.V. in Hannover on special paper. Each label has a uniquely assignable and only once assigned label number (in the label below “12.956”):

XertifiX Siegel
Each label is attached to a crate with natural stones and is clearly assigned to a shipping container. This assignment of the label numbers is continuously documented in the stone processing factory and this documentation submitted regularly to XertifiX. With the XertifiX standard label, there is also the method that the label will be sent only on submission of invoices and is then attached to the crates. Again, there is an ongoing documentation and recording of all label numbers in the XertifiX database.

Basically, it is possible at any time to relate a XertifiX label on the basis of the XertifiX database to the container with the corresponding shipping date and content crates.

For the PLUS label the raw blocks in the quarry are additionally provided with special quarry labels:

Beispielsiegel Steinbruch

In this way, the traceability from the importer up to the quarry is additionally supplemented by the physical attachment of labels.

If the natural stones are shipped as loose container goods, the label are issued per container (XertifiX document labels) after submitting the invoices.