What you can do against child labor in quarries

What can you do as a consumer?

  • Ask the dealer for natural stones without child labor and only buy them.XertifiX is an independent licensing agency for natural stones from India, China and Vietnam, which were produced without child labor and slave labor, adherence to the ILO core labor standards and under improved working conditions. But beware: < span class = “important”> There are already fake UNESCO and UNICEF certificates claiming that the organization can confirm that the stones delivered are guaranteed to be made without child labor. Upon request, UNICEF and UNESCO Germany assured that their organizations have never issued such certificates and will not do so in the future.
  • You may also contact your city or local government requesting that a municipal council resolution (or a synod decision or a diocesan decision) be taken on their procurement by stipulating that the city or municipality will no longer receive products from exploitative child labor becomes. Learn more about the website of the campaign against child labor </ a> On this page you will also find an overview which Towns and municipalities have already taken such decisions.
  • Write to retailers and ask how they relate to child labor: this shows businesses that you, as a consumer, have an interest in making goods not only good and cheap, but also produced in compliance with human rights. XertifiX can give you examples where this has already led to major changes in the product range of large German companies. This concerns the trade in sandstone, limestone or granite stone, which is e.g. used for kitchen panels, exterior facades or garden panels.