Our Mission

  • Exploitation through child and slave labor must end. Especially in Asia.
  • Fairly produced goods for the EU market need a reputable certificate.
  • So that better conditions for work and environmental protection are promoted.

About Us

• As an NGO, Xertifix e.V. is a registered non-profit association.
• We are competent in international certification and consulting.
• We have many years of experience in the Asian stone sector.
• We regularly inspect factories and quarries on site.
• We issue internationally recognized certificates with IAO standard.
• We support help for self-help for working-class families.
• We offer children schooling instead of working in quarries.
• We offer an internationally recognized certificate as proof of responsible corporate behavior (CSR)<

Unique approach

In Asian quarries and factories, we use audits to determine the working conditions, environmental protection and legality. Then the producers have the chance to gradually improve. They are supported by the XertifiX standard, which has been broken down into several smaller parts. As a result, it is possible even for smaller producers to undertake the necessary individual measures for improvement.
In addition, we are guided by the supply chain due diligence approach. XertifiX has developed a model of risk assessment and possible risk mitigation measures for the natural stone sector. Together with the audits, XertifiX provides the trade with a practical toolbox that can effectively improve social and environmental working conditions.

Our team

Ban on child labor without help for children is cynical!

Benjamin Pütter, XertifiX e.V., Co-Founder

Fair work for the parents + good schools = future for the children

Ingrid Sehrbrock, XertifiX e.V., Chairwoman

Fair and decent produced natural stones from Asia are feasible!

Dr. Walter Schmidt, XertifiX e.V., CEO

Our traders

Child labour

How to combat child labor and slave labor? Prohibitions alone do not help. You have to start much wider. Those who pay unfair wages, those who ignore health and safety, who allow unsafe working conditions, risk sickness and undersupply of workers and promotes the cycle of poverty, poor education and poor job prospects. In addition, child labor not only harms the children themselves because they can not attend school or graduate. As children’s labor supply increases, the pressure on adult wages increases. They are all the more easily extortionable with lowest wages.

Heribert Scharrenbroich, State Secretary a.D.
Prof. Dr. Gregor Lang-Wojtasik, Professor of Educational Science
Wolfgang Pantförder, Mayor a.D.
Heidemarie Wieczorek-Zeul, Federal Minister a.D.


The Federal Government to XertifiX:

“Good choice! This seal meets our credibility and social requirements” (www.siegelklarheit.de)

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