XertifiX e.V.:

  • Signs a contract with European natural stone importers.
  • Commissiones controls (audits and unannounced inspections) in Asian quarries and processing factories.
    Makes lobbying and public relations in Germany and beyond.

European stone importer:

  • Signs a contract with XertifiX to buy imported stones from China, India or Vietnam with the “XertifiX-Label”.
  • Requests the producers in the supply chain of his imported natural stones to comply with the XertifiX Standard.

Exporter/producer of natural stones:

  • Allows the XertifiX auditors to audit and inspect unannounced all production sites (quarries and processing factories) at any time.
  • Commits to fulfil the XertifiX standard in all his production sites, where the exported stones are produced and processed.
  • Natural stones from audited supply chain is certified with the „XertifiX Label“, as soon as the criteria are fulfilled.

XertifiX Sozialprojekte e.V.:

  • Is the owner of the XertifiX Standard.
  • Consults and coordinates social projects in India, that support and help the children and parents in the quarries and the settlements of migrant workers.
  • Makes lobbying and public relations in Germany and beyond.

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