Our certified stones can be traced back from the seller in Germany / Europe to the quarry. This is possible through a complex Traceability-System.
Simply put, traceability is a comprehensive system of …

  • …physical markings (label) and
  • …document checks of the quanities sold and bought at the different stages of the supply chain

With this system in place, the buyer of certified natural stones can be sure, that the production sites of the bought stones have been controlled and that all standard criteria are fulfilled in these production sites.

Traceability 01

Step 1: From the quarry to the factory


The operator of the quarry documents the amount of stones delivered to the factory of the audited supply chain.
The operator discloses these delivery documents to the XertifiX Auditors.

The operator of the quarry labels each natural stone block, which is part of importer‘s supply chain with a quarry ID number.
The labels with ID numbers are provided by the XertifiX Auditor. (Pilot-project)

Traceability 02


The operator of the factory stores stone blocks which carry XertifiX ID-Labels separately. He makes sure that these labelled stones are not mixed up with stones from other quarries. (Pilot-project)

The operator of the factory keeps all delivery documents of the stones delivered to the importer and discloses them to the XertifiX Auditor.

Step 2: From factory to the importer


The operator of the factory labels the crates with natural stones with XertifiX labels. These labels are provided by the XertifiX auditor.

The operator of the factory makes list with the individual label ID numbers and the corresponding shipment information (container number, invoice date). The operator discloses these documents to the XertifiX Auditor.

Traceability 03

The importer stores the crate with certified natural stones that way, that the label can be checked by XertifiX at any time and be verified with the label list.

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