10 steps to the XertifiX seal


  1. Are you an importer of Indian, Chinese or Vietnamese natural stones? You want to be sure not to sell stones from illegal production conditions? Then contact us.
  2. The importer signs a license agreement with XertifiX e.V. and accepts the terms and conditions contained therein.
  3. The new licensee calls us his Indian, Chinese or Vietnamese exporters.
  4. The exporter then tells us his suppliers and tells us the places where his quarries and factories are to be found. He agrees in writing that we may at any time and unannounced access his stonework, factories and other stations of the value chain.
  5. The auditors commissioned by XertifiX are now allowed to conduct on-the-spot announced and unannounced inspections in the quarries and factories. Care is taken to ensure that no children within the meaning of ILO Convention No. 182 are employed in the export quarries and processing plants, that all other ILO core labor standards are respected (no slave labor, no discrimination and right of access to unions) and that the working conditions for adult workers are gradually improved become. The adult workers must pay the legal minimum wage.
  6. As long as the control criteria are met, the certificate will be issued. If the entire standard is met throughout the supply chain, the XertifiX PLUS certificate will be awarded.
  7. The certificate is always issued per delivery. A license fee according to the XertifiX fee schedule is payable by the importer / licensee to XertifiX.
  8. Once all production sites (quarries and processing plants) have been inspected, the certified stones can be delivered to the licensee / dealer.
  9. Once a quarry or processing plant inspection determines that the standard criteria that are to be met are not met, a warning is issued to the producer, exporter and importer. If the violation is found repeatedly during the following inspection, the certificate will be revoked.
  10. Within a few weeks, a certificate can be issued that turns your stones into fair-made stones!

So what are you waiting for ?!

XertifiX e.V.:

  • Signs a contract with European natural stone importers.
  • Assigns controls (audits and inspections) in Asian quarries and processing plants.
  • Do lobby and public relations work in Germany and beyond.

European stone importer:

  • Signs with XertifiX a contract to buy natural stones from Chinese, Indian or Vietnamese exporters with XertifiX seal.
  • Requires the producers in the supply chain of its imported natural stones to comply with the XertifiX standard.

Stone Exporter / natural stone producer:

  • Gives XertifiX authorized auditors permission to inspect all production sites (quarries and processing plants) at any time and without prior notice.
  • Commits to fulfill the XertifiX standard in all production sites (quarries and natural stone processors).
  • The controlled product receives the “XertifiX seal” if all criteria are met.

XertifiX Sozialprojekte e.V.:

  • Conducts school projects in India with local partners to help children and parents in the quarries and settlers migrant settlements.
  • Conduct social projects in India with partners to help workers with OSH.
  • Do lobby and public relations work in Germany and beyond.