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10 steps to the XertifiX seal

Become a XertifiX licence taker

    1. An importer of Indian, Chinese, or Vietnamese natural stones who wants to make sure that he or she does not sell any stones produced under illegal conditions contacts XertifiX.
    2. The importer signs a licence agreement with XertifiX and accepts the conditions contained therein.
    3. The new licensee gives us the contact details of his or her Indian, Chinese, or Vietnamese exporters.
    4. The exporter informs us about his or her suppliers and about where his quarries and other production sites are situated. He gives his written consent that we are allowed to enter his quarries, production sites and other stages of the value chain at any time and without prior notice.
    5. The auditors, authorised by XertifiX, may now conduct audits and unannounced on-site inspections of the quarries and factories at any time. The objective of these inspections is to ensure that no children are employed in export quarries and factories in terms of ILO Convention No. 182, all other ILO core labour conventions are fulfilled, the working conditions of the adult workers are improved continuously, and adult workers are being paid guaranteed minimum wages.
    6. As long as the XertifiX criteria are fulfilled, the certificate will be issued. If the full XertifiX standard is fulfilled in the supply chain (quarries and factories) the XertifiX PLUS Label will be issued.
    7. The certificate is issued per delivery. A licence fee is paid to XertifiX by the importer / licensee only.
    8. After the entire value chain from quarry to ship has been inspected, the certified stones can be delivered to licensees / traders in Germany.
    9. If an audit or an inspection shows, that criteria of the standard are not fulfilled as expected, a warning will be given to the producers, the exporter and the importer. If the same violation is noticed at the next audit or inspection, the certificate will be withdrawn.
  1. Thus, within just a few weeks or months, a certificate can be issued that will make your stones clean and fair stones!

So what are you waiting for?

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