Complaint mechanism

If the XertifiX seal is used fraudulently by importers or producers, who are not authorized or if a producer sees his application for certification unjustly refused, there is a complaint mechanism: XertifiX provides an opportunity to submit an appeal against abuse, fraud, or non-certification to the owner of the standard, XertifiX Sozialprojekte e.V.


It is the written form in non – agreement over for example:

  • the fraudulent use of the XertifiX seal for natural stones by a party (importer, distributor) whose supply chain is not subject to control or do not meet the standard criteria
  • the use of the XertifiX seal by a party (producer, exporter) despite the failure to comply with the standard criteria
  • • non-certification of natural stones by XertifiX e.V., although one assumes that the certification criteria throughout the supply chain are complied with

The complaint is to be filed to „XertifiX Sozialprojekte e.V.“ via Email (, post (Arndtstr. 20, 30167 Hannover, Germany) or through the website.

The accused party must be informed on the complaint within one week. XertifiX Sozialprojekte will then attempt to resolve the matter between the parties concerned.

If there is no clarification of the matter within four weeks, the board of XertifiX Sozialprojekte e.V. will authorize a consulting team of three people i.e.: trade union, trade, civil society. The consultants should not be involved with the complaint and the case. All parties must accept each member of the advisory team.

The advisory team is to come to a conclusion to clarify the matter within four weeks. This result is summarized in a report and submitted to XertifiX Sozialprojekte. On this basis XertifiX Sozialprojekte e.V. will then come to a binding and final decision within two weeks.

XertifiX Sozialprojekte will ensure that its members, and the XertifiX Board of Trustees are informed:

  • about the complaint
  • about the result of the arbitrary attempt
  • about the report of the consultant team
  • about the final decision.

Everyone can ask for information about the complaints submitted. A short email to sozialprojekte [at] is sufficient.