NRW: From 01. January 2020 only new tombstones with certificate

As of January 1, 2020, in North Rhine-Westphalia new tombstones will have a certification requirement if the grave stones come from India, China, Vietnam or the Philippines. This is set by a new circular, which was published on 09 November 2019. So far, XertifiX is the only certifier accredited by the state of NRW.

Please refer (German only): Runderlass

Please refer to the website (German only): Feststellung der Funktionsfähigkeit des Zertifizierungsverfahrens nach § 4a Absatz 1 des Bestattungsgesetzes

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XertifiX accredited as a gravestone certifier

We are delighted that XertifiX has been accredited by the state of North Rhine-Westphalia (State Chancellery) as the – so far only – certifier for tombstones. Probably, from 01.01.2020 onwards, the presentation of a certificate must be submitted when purchasing a new gravestone from India, China, Vietnam or the Philippines.
Siehe: Minister für Bundes- und Europaangelegenheiten sowie Internationales

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BMZ: Minister Müller demands from companies supply chain responsibility

At the 5th Future Forum “Making Globalization Righteous”, Federal Minister Gerd Müller clearly stated that companies are responsible for their supply chains: “Companies must ensure that human rights are respected in supply chains.” He emphasizes positively that many companies are now voluntarily moving forward. But he also points out that this is far from sufficient: “If we come to the conclusion at the end of the year that the voluntary approaches are not sufficient, we will legally oblige the big companies. Best at the European level – if necessary, but also nationally. That’s how we set it in the coalition agreement. ”

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In own thing: New XertifiX standard

We are pleased to announce the updated XertifiX standard: The XertifiX-Standard

Over the past few months, we have updated our standard in a complex process involving many different stakeholders. The final version was approved by a decision-making body on 22.08.2018 and subsequently approved by the XertifiX board.


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Brandenburg: Prohibition of grave stones from child labor

“Bread for the World” welcomes the plan of the state of Brandenburg to authorize municipalities to ban gravestones from child labor. However, Thilo Hoppe, head of the Department’s Policy Department, draws attention to a number of aspects that need to be considered. The municipalities would have to determine which certificates were allowed to prove fair grave stones. The municipalities should not be left alone with this decision. It would therefore still be the task of the state to give the municipalities instructions as to which certifiers exist and are to be classified as serious.

Siehe: “Separate chaff and wheat at the certifiers”(German)

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State Government of North Rhine-Westphalia: Circular Directive on the certification of gravestones

“The state government is stepping up its fight against child labor: in the future, tombstones from China, India, the Philippines and Vietnam may only be erected in North Rhine-Westphalia if they have been produced with reasonable probability without the worst forms of child labor. Commenting on today’s Cabinet decision, Minister Laumann said: “The ban on building tombstones from the worst forms of child labor came into force in May 2015. We now make nails with our heads and make sure that the theory of law finally becomes lived practice. Human dignity is inviolable. This must apply even more so with regard to the problem of child labor. That is why we want to put a clear seal on the worst forms of exploitation. ” Holthoff-Pförtner will now initiate the procedure for the recognition of certification bodies. ”

XertifiX welcomes the step of the state government extraordinarily that in NRW grave stones from unfair production will be effectively excluded in the future!

Please refer: Fight against child labor: Staete Government decrees circular on the certification of gravestones” (German)

Please refer: Circular Directive (German)

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Hesse: New funeral law

On August 22, 2018, the Hesse Landtag passed the new funeral ordinance. One important change: Municipalities may in future ban tombstones made with exploitative child labor from the cemeteries. The new ordinance allows municipalities to ask for a complete documentation or equivalent certificates as proof of production without exploitative child labor.
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TASPO: “Neues Friedhofs- und Bestattungsgesetz in Hessen”

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New Project: Fight against silicosis

On 01. May 2018 our new project for the control of silicosis and tuberculosis in Indian quarry areas starts.
The project is carried out by our partner organization GRAVIS, with whom we already implement some of our school projects. Objectives of the project include:

  • Expand knowledge and awareness of lung health among quarry workers and quarry owners in the Thar Desert region.
    Improve the health status of quarry workers through Village Health Workers (VHWs) and medical services aimed at improving lung health.
  • Improving the nutritional status of quarry workers through food gardens, training and capacity building.
  • Lobbying: Contact with local government and commitment to better health care facilities for quarry workers.

OVERALL GOAL: The project aims to reduce overall silicosis and tuberculosis in the quarries of the Thar Desert in India and promote lung health in the local quarry communities.

The project is financed by the generous donations of the Gebhard-Müller-Schule (SMV) and supporting groups. Thank you very much!

Further information: Das Silikose-Projekt

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XertifiX-Standard Revision

Currently we subject our XertifiX standard revision, which takes place every 5 years. The criteria of the XertifiX standard are the basis for the quarries and factories audits and certification.

The revision means an update of the standard criteria, based on our experience of the past 5 years – but also based on the input we receive from different stakeholder groups on this topic. A working group has over the past few weeks revised the XertifiX standard and incorporated suggestions for improvement. These suggestions for improvement are also due to the fact that the external requirements for seals (for example, by the Federal Government) have increased considerably in recent years. [Please refer…]

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“Kleine Hände – großer Prof

On June 12, 2017, the book “Kleine Hände – Großer Profit” by Benjamin Pütter has been published. The presentation of the work of XertifiX in the book makes it necessary to provide explanatory remarks:

It is the great merit of Pütter that he initiated and founded XertifiX with others. As a long-term honorary manager, he has done a tremendous amount of work and contributed significantly to the fact that the subject of child labor in the natural stone industry became known to the German public. By way of XertifiX in the first few years, child labor in the Indian natural stone industry has been significantly combated.

With the change of CEO and first chairman and the changed requirements for seals, however, XertifiX has also undergone a change in understanding that it is not enough to issue a seal in which there is no child labor but inhuman working conditions, e.g.

  • the adult workers must work seven days without a break,
  • work safety is not respected, so that there are regularly injuries, life-threatening or fatal accidents,
  • the workers are not given personal protective equipment so that they become deaf or are dying early
  • basic environmental protection measures are disregarded.


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