Illegal quarries steal billions

Südindien: 84 Steinbrüche des illegalen Abbaus überführt

A few years ago, illegal natural stone mining in South India was uncovered ( we reported ). The convened commission of inquiry (“The Sagayam Committee”) has now submitted a final report. Accordingly, the amount being misappropriated is estimated to be around Rs 65,154.60 crore. Converted into euros, these are almost inconceivable around 9 billion euros (1 crore rupee = 10,000,000 rupees) at the current exchange rate. The report includes 624 pages with 31 volumes Appendix.

Please refer: The New Indian Express

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Bavaria: New bill on gravestones

On December 1, 2015, the Bavarian Cabinet approved a bill prohibiting gravestones from exploitative child labor. Cemetery operators in Bavaria are therefore allowed a ban on grave stones from exploitative child labor. In doing so, the requirements of the Federal Administrative Court (judgment of 16 October 2013) are taken into account by laying down basic requirements for evidence.

Health Minister Melanie Huml said: “Citizens, stonemasons and cemetery operators can use this regulation to easily and objectively determine whether a certificate is sufficient and therefore recognized.”

Please refer: Bayerischer Rechts- und Verwaltungsreport

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CDA calls for international labor policy

The Christdemocrats Workers’ wing decides new policy program on 08.11.15 in Berlin

CDA-Bundestagung: I. Sehrbrock und K. Töpfer

CDA-Federal Meeting: I. Sehrbrock und K. Töpfer

Among other things, it states: The commitment to decent working conditions worldwide must be at the center of politics. Of course, this includes the freedom to trade union work and activity. Likewise, the ILO must be upgraded and equipped with sanctioning mechanisms. International companies have a responsibility to comply with social and environmental standards throughout the supply chain. Transparency of working conditions in supply chains is an important contribution to this.

Please refer: “Der Mensch ist wichtiger als die Sache”, Berlin 2015

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“Dispute over the tomb: Is this tombstone fair trade?”

Grabsteine SMALLTagesspiegel: “Those who walk through an autumn cemetery these days run past a lot of unanswered questions. Because many tombstones do not come from local quarries, but from India or China. It is not always clear exactly from where exactly the stones came from these countries, not even under what conditions they were broken and worked out of the quarry. There are organizations that check the production conditions.” [weiter…]

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G7 ministers implement Elmau resolutions

Promote good work worldwide
At a two-day conference, G7 Labor and Development Ministers agreed to implement the G7 decisions of Elmau to promote sustainable global supply chains. The first steps are being taken with the statement “ Action for Fair Production , including:

G7 Elmau Logo

  • Support companies in controlling supply chains in terms of labor, social and environmental standards
  • Support manufacturers in enforcing standards
  • Create more transparency for consumers to promote sustainable consumption

[Please refer: Presse release (German)…]

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XertifiX anniversary celebration in the Bundestag

With members, licensees, donors, supporters and guests from politics and associations, XertifiX e.V. celebrated its 10th anniversary on 30.09.2015 in the Bundestag in Berlin. The balance was mixed, said the chairman and former DGB vice, Ingrid Sehrbrock: Child labor in Indian quarries, which controls XertifiX, has virtually disappeared. Nevertheless, with 168 million child laborers worldwide, it is still an urgent problem.

[Pressemitteilung zur XertifiX-Jubiläumsfeier im Bundestag]

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K. Satyarthi & M. Yousafzai receive Nobel Peace Prize

Kailash Satyarthi gets Peace Nobel Prize
We congratulate Kailash Sarthiaty for his commitment against child labor. We also congratulate the Nobel Prize Committee for highlighting the topic of child labor and combating it worldwide.
XertifiX co-founder Benjamin Pütter, together with Kailash Satyarthi, initiated and conducted the worldwide Global March against Child Labor. The main themes of Satyarthi have always been the abolition of child labor in the carpet and stone industry and in this context XertifiX e.V. has been established.

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NRW: Cabinet decides new funeral law

Municipalities authorized to ban gravestones from child labor

The state government has passed a new law which, among other things, authorizes municipalities in North Rhine-Westphalia to ban gravestones from child labor. “By law, we enable cemetery wards to prohibit the construction of gravestones from exploitative child labor that will destroy the lives of girls and boys,” Minister Steffens said after the Cabinet meeting. Before the law was passed, numerous groups and associations were consulted last year.

After Saarland, Bremen and Baden-Württemberg, NRW is the fourth federal state to legally authorize municipalities to ban gravestones from child labor. In Bavaria, according to recent constitutional and administrative court judgments, such an authorization is no longer necessary.

Please refer: Press release of the state government NRW (German)
See also: Westfälische Nachrichten

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Gigantic scam scandal at PRP Granite

Granit tycoon Palanichamy suspected of fraud

One of the big Indian granite producers and exporters, PRP Granites and PRP Exports, is involved in a gigantic fraud scandal surrounding illegal granite mining. In the course of detecting and investigating the fraud, the owner of PRP Granite, Mr. P. Palanichamy, was remanded, his home was searched, and granite mining licenses were suspended. Meanwhile, the wife of Mr. Palanichamy, two sons, a daughter and a daughter-in-law are under suspicion of fraud.

Mr. P. Palanichamy is one of thirteen lifetime members of the powerful Indian Monument Manufacturers Association (IMMA) Indian Tomb Association.

Please refer: Five more cases booked against P.R. Palanichamy
Please refer: PRP firms admitted their guilt, says government

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